Yoga and its benefits

What Is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that combines mind (calmness and focus), energy (breathing) and body (postures). Its benefits include improved external health (dramatically improved core strength, longer leaner muscles, improved flexibility, weight reduction and improved posture), greatly improved internal health, and the ability to better manage stress with greater energy and focus. 

The health and wellbeing benefits of yoga include:

  • Reduced production of the stress hormone cortisol and an improvement of the ability to manage stressful situations

  • Greater energy and focus

  • Improved physical health including weight reduction, improved organ health, improved muscle tone and cardiovascular health and reduced back pain

  • Greater levels of happiness and self confidence

  • Increased job satisfaction.

“The evidence is growing that yoga practice is a low-risk, high-yield approach to improving overall health.” Harvard Medical School Review.

“By reducing perceived stress and anxiety, yoga appears to modulate stress response systems.” Harvard Medical School Review.