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We curate bespoke yoga and mindfulness programmes to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your team, creating healthy and resilient co-workers who are more able to cope with the stress of modern working environments. Yoga and mindfulness can be offered as regular classes, one-off training workshops or integrated into existing HR and business processes. The practices are helpful in attracting and retaining talent and building resilience in your team. They support practitioners to better manage their mental health and build clarity on the priorities in their professional life. We've been covered by most major news organisations including the Financial Times, Grazia, the Times, the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard. Click [here] for the articles

Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhist teaching but has gained widespread acceptance as a standalone skill. It is a practical skill to simply note but not engage with thoughts, physical sensations, experiences and feelings. Mindfulness helps cultivate greater awareness of self and others, the ability to observe our thinking and beliefs in a detached way and to remain present and composed in fluid environments where processes, ideas and systems are always changing. There is now compelling evidence of its positive impact on focus, creativity, resilience, wellbeing and stress and anxiety. Our 90-minute or half day introduction to mindfulness is our most popular offering. 

Yoga is a highly cost-effective way to improve your team’s resilience, ability to relax and to increase their energy and focus. It’s a great way of showing your commitment to staff wellbeing. Our clients see it as an important part of their strategy to reduce absenteeism, increase performance and improve talent retention 


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