Wellness in general and yoga and mindfulness in particular are increasingly a key element of delivering client satisfaction in a number of sectors of the economy including leisure, travel and tourism and retail. With it’s complicated philosophical underpinnings, its many different styles and the large number of people working as yoga teachers it is very easy for non-specialists to fail to execute the yoga part of their operations effectively. 

We can support your business whether you own a large leisure chain that knows its clients want high quality yoga but is failing to really deliver this, a hotel chain that wants to drive client footfall and revenue with world-class holistic health and wellbeing facilities or a retail chain looking to build customer loyalty and engagement with service that goes well beyond a one-off transaction. We’ll work with you to better understand your product and client demographics and psychographics and help you to implement carefully curated yoga and mindfulness wellbeing programs that reflect the desires of your clients and would-be clients. 


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