Yoga At has been creating yoga and mindfulness programmes for companies and individuals for a decade. Both yoga and meditation are transformational practices with the power to greatly change your life and the lives of your colleagues.  

We set up Yoga At as yoga and mindfulness had already transformed our lives. We created a professional, client-centric organisation to deliver these ancient practices to other professionals and organisations in a way that was accessible and modern.

We support busy people with demanding lives to create routines that are sustainable and support long-term health. This in turn supports you to maintain perspective and ensures you focus your time and energy -professionally and personally - on what really matters.

We’ll help your organisation support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your team: creating healthy and resilient teams and a more open and informal workplace culture and helping you attract and retain talent and build resilience.

We've been covered by most major news organisations including the Financial Times, Grazia, the Times, the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard.



You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga. In fact not being able to touch your toes is a good reason to start. The more yoga you do the more flexible you’ll become. You are your own best teacher when it comes to practicing yoga, so please always listen to your body, work around your own abilities and not beyond them and try not to worry too much about what the person on the mat next to you is doing.

Just bring yourself and wear what you would wear to the gym or on a run minus the socks and trainers. We can provide a mat for your first session if you don't have one and have a range of mats at different price points we can supply for future sessions. We also have other equipment we can supply to support your practice.

All our teachers can offer a range of classes tailored to your experience, fintess and mood. We'll work with you to make sure your class reflects this and hopefully you'll get fitter the more you work with our teachers.

Many people start yoga as a way to better manage an injury so don't worry. Please provide information about the injury before your first session and we will suggest a practice that helps you recover.

Most of our clients book regular slots with our teachers. We are able to offer regular sessions from 6:30am to 9:30pm Monday to Sunday. If you would like a one-off session we should be able to do most of these times provided you are able to give us reasonable notice.

We are able to offer sessions throughout "zone one" and some parts of zone two.

Don’t worry. Private yoga is one of the most effective ways to build a regular sustainable yoga practice. Let us know you're new and we can discuss any concerns you have and what you would like to achieve before your first session and work with you going forward to make sure your classes are always perfect for you.

We recommend to not eat for at least 2 to 3 hours before your session. If this is not possible try and eat lightly before your class.

Our teachers offer a range of classes from very gentle slower classes to dynamic "work out" vinyasa classes. Please chat or email us your requirements and we'll come back to you with a suggested teacher and class style.


A number of our teachers are able to teach pregnancy yoga, however, most of our teachers do not. We may be able to organise pregnancy classes for you but can't guarantee this. Please give us as wide a range of weekly slots as possible to give us the best chance of organising pregnancy yoga for you.

We have a wide-range of corporate offerings including regular classes, one-off workshops and integration into trainings and company off-sites. Why not give us a call or request a call back and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Our teachers do not teach in a bedroom. If you are in a suite we can schedule a session in a separate living area. If you are in a room please liaise with your hotel to organise another space where the teacher can take your session.

We will select a teacher based on your experience and our teacher’s profile as well as when both you and our teacher have availability. We will then send you a profile to review and approve and schedule the session.

We charge different rates depending on how many sessions you book and the size of the group. You can check rates and book sessions on our packages page.