Yoga for sports

Yoga is one of the most effective methods to improve flexibility (in particular hamstring and lower back flexibility) and to improve core strength. If practiced for some time it helps players to remain focused and to improve decision-making even under extreme stress and pressure.  Professional sportsmen practicing yoga include David Silva, Ryan Giggs, Lebron James, Andy Murray, Sachin Tendulkar, Floyd Mayweather and West Ham United FC.

Pilates improves flexibility and posture and lengthens and tones muscle. It strengthens core muscles, increases body-awareness and reduces stress. Pilates can be used to isolate “difficult to reach” muscle groups and joints.  The Welsh rugby team, the New Zealand rugby team and Tiger Woods all practice Pilates.

Andy Rolls, Head of Medical, West Ham United said. “We have been working with instructors from YogaAt over the past couple of seasons. Yoga is an important part of how we support players to stay injury-free and to help them recuperate faster.  We also use it to help players switch off and relax after intensive training sessions.  The players were initially skeptical but now it is they who are demanding yoga. We often need to change the time and location of the yoga at short notice. YogaAt’s large group of professional instructors means they are always able to provide us with a high quality instructor when and where we need them. I would recommend yoga and YogaAt to anyone working with professional sportspeople.”

YogaAt is the UK’s leading supplier of tailored yoga and Pilates programs. It provides this service through its team of 50 handpicked yoga and Pilates instructors. They are the best in their field, highly experienced, professional and friendly.

The logistics are simple. All you need to do is call. We’ll organise the equipment and instructors. We typically invoice our clients for all sessions at the end of each month.
We’d love to chat further.

For more information please call us on… +44 (0)208 993 1597 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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